10 Things About Me: Part 1 





1. I am actually originally not from California. I was actually born in the town of Claremore, Oklahoma on November 9th. We lived in Oklahoma until I was three years old.


2. I moved to Pleasanton, California when my parents got divorced when I was 3 years old. Due to abuse, neglect, and drugs within the home. 


3. I grew up in Pleasanton from the age of 3 to 4 years old and then we moved to the next town over called Tracy, California. 


4. I lived in Tracy, California from the age of 4 to 16 years old. Then we moved to a small town called Clarkston in Utah when my Great Grandparents passed away and my family bought their home. We all talked about moving back for years, so we ended up packing up and moving to Utah. 


5. We thought it would be a nice fresh start for our family. I thought moving back to my favorite childhood place and our annual summer vacation spot with LOTS of amazing childhood memories could help me grow as a person and be able to give me the opportunity to start somewhere new again. 


6. I ended up getting a softball scholarship at the high school I attended in Utah where I played softball at. I received a scholarship at the College Of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas, Nevada. I only played a partial year until I was cut from the team because of health reasons, but I finished out the year school wise. I moved back home suddenly to help take care of my hurt grandma then eventually my sick grandpa. I put softball and college on hold for a while and helped them, since they helped me. At least what I can do for everything they’ve done for me and also they helped me get to where I am today. 


7. I grew up playing softball competitively my whole childhood. You can basically say softball was my life. I lived and breathed it as well as other sports as I got older. Not playing at the next level was difficult, but I knew my days were over and my family needed my help, so I chose to help my family and put my life on hold for a bit. 


8.  My four other siblings and I grew up playing sports as well. We were quite competitive growing up especially with each other. I am the middle child out of the four of my siblings and also the shortest out of them. 


9. Our Grandpa passed away in March of 2013 with pancreatic cancer. He was the closest thing we had to a father figure in our lives and helped raised us while my dad wasn’t around, so you can say losing him was the most difficult time for us especially me since him and I were best friends and were really close until the end. I solely took care of him for the last five months of his life all while trying to attend school full time and helping around the house as much as possible. I went with my grandpa every Friday to his chemo and radiation appointments. We also had breakfast every morning and most days we went on walks too. I was by his side holding his hand 🤚 until the end. I wouldn’t want things to have ended differently. Truth is I’m glad I wasn’t playing softball anymore because if I was we never would of had those last 5 months together, so it worked out for the better and I wouldn’t trade those days for anything. I cherish those moments and days every day of my life.


10. I was the first person in my family to graduate from college and a university with a Bachelor’s Degree in Social Work at California State University, Sacramento on May 19, 2018. Fun fact: the reason why I chose the path of social work was because of the environment I grew up in the first few years of my childhood. If it is wasn’t for my grandparents who took us in (my siblings), so we wouldn’t have to go into the system and possibly be split up gave me the passion to want to help other children who are going through what I went through. I want to be there for them like my grandparents was for me throughout my childhood. Some people aren’t fortunate to have someone like that, so I want to be that for someone else. Be their guardian angel and help them succeed in life because I believe your past shouldn’t define you. I hope after all this I can still be able to live my dream and passion of helping others and children and become a social worker!


Part Two of 10 things About Me: 

  1. I had hot pink highlights in my hair. Want to know why? During my 8th grade year the cool thing to do was get wash out colored hair dye in your hair, so as my graduation gift my Grandma let me get hot pink wash out highlights in my hair which matched my graduation dress! It was the best gift I ever received besides the fact it took over a year for the highlights to wash out of my blonde hair. It was supposed to last 60-80 washes, but obviously lasted longer haha! It ended up fading out and turning red. I totally was not a fan and hated my hair. It resulted into me to being afraid to get highlights or to ever dye my hair for years.  It wasn't until last year I finally got over my fear and got highlights haha! 
  2. Also, fun fact you might not be able to see it that great, but in the picture you might notice that I had braces. I actually had braces all throughout middle school. My teeth were so bad. I had braces for three years and absolutely hated every moment of it. I wasn't able to eat certain candies and food most kids my age ate. The exciting news out of it was I was able to get my braces off the day before the first day of my Freshman year of high school. Such an exciting and memorable time for me even though my freshman year picture was me with my braces on haha! Sorry for the poor quality I will have to find a better picture of both. Hopefully I can find a better picture, so I can show you show you all and also reminisce on old times. 

8th Grade Grad Dance: Grammy’s Themed 😊💛

Part 2 About Me Continued:

  1. I didn’t get my first pet until I was 23 years old with my boyfriend Gianni. This pet just wasn’t your typical dog or cat. Gianni and I are very active, silly, and goofy 🙃 people, so we wanted to find a pet that best for our relationship and style. So, we ended up getting, wait for it, a bunny rabbit. However this rabbit isn’t your typical rabbit. He’s a specific rare breed called a Flemish Giant and they are the considered the “second largest rodent in the world compared to a capybara”. The reason why we chose this breed was strictly because they are known to be docile, sweet, temperamental, soft fur, easy to take care of, unique personalities, are considered to have dog like qualities, can be closely compared to a dog (relative to their size),  and they have a playful behavior. We watched countless of videos of this breed on YouTube and absolutely feel in love with them right away. After, we found the breed type of rabbit we wanted; we researched a breeder near us. The closest breeder we found was actually 3 hours away from us near the Bay Area.  We drove all the way out there to pick him out from a campground that hosts summer special needs camps for children and teens all over the world. The proceeds went straight right back to the camp to help the children (how great is that). We didn’t know until we got all the way out there that we were getting him from a couple who has a charity that helps special needs kids. Super ironic and quite bittersweet, but my younger brother is autistic so you can say I was fully on board to get my first pet from them especially since I was able to help a great cause that means so much to me and touches my heart deeply. Unfortunately, we weren’t able to bring him home until he was 8 weeks old and at the time we picked him out he was 2 weeks old and wasn’t able to be sexed yet, so we didn’t know if we was a boy or not until a couple weeks later. However, Gianni and I had this gut feeling deep down that he was a little bunny man. It was hard to come up with names, but we were prepared with girl and boy names for him. It was so hard for me to leave him once we met for the first time, but the anticipation built up over the next 6 weeks was the best feeling in the world and gave us more time (specifically me) to prepare to bring my first pet and our bunny home. Gianni had a bunny as a child growing up, so he was bunny prepared. I however, was not and researched everything about rabbits and I am still researching about his breed and bunny life tips and tricks. The drive to go pick him was the best drive of my life. I felt like a little kid again and was excited I couldn’t even hide it haha! We ended up being right on him being a bunny boy and we named him Luke Sebastian. So far, he’s been the best first pet and best addition to our family. The picture below is Luke at 2 weeks old when we first drove all the way out there to pick him up. Isn’t he just the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen? I couldn’t get over his nose and how soft his fur was. He was the friendliest bunny (I know that sounds weird, but he was). He approached Gianni in the hutch and was hopped into his arms (cutest moment ever). Ever since that moment we knew he was the one and he’s been the best snuggle bunny and cutest friend we could have ever asked for.  In the picture below is Luke currently now in Gianni’s arms. They are the best of friends if you can’t tell. Luke’s breed grows like a puppy into a dog. He is about the size of a small dog. His owners told us he’ll get up to about 19 pounds, but Luke is relatively close to 20 pounds and still growing. I absolutely love how big, fluffy, sweet, and cuddly he is. I can’t get enough of him. I can honestly say getting getting a rabbit was the best decision I made and he’s been the best first pet for me and the best addition to our family. Also, he is litter box trained like a cat, so it makes him that much cooler and easier to maintain (thank goodness haha). We absolutely adore and spoil him too much at times! 

Luke at 2 weeks old 🐰😭💛

Luke currently now 🐰😭💛 him and Gianni are best friends if you can’t tell haha! 💙💙


4. I don’t know how to swim. I’ve always been afraid of the water ever since a traumatic childhood experience.  I was so traumatized and am still afraid to even talk about this event to others.  It triggers me, and I don’t want to relive this traumatic event over again.  I have always wanted to try swimming I even tried swimming lessons when I was about 8 and it was still traumatizing for me. I hope someday I’ll be able to get over my fear and conquer my phobia of swimming. 


5. I’m afraid to be left home alone ever since kid me watched Home Alone the movie.  That movie scared the heck out of me and I couldn’t imagine it not scaring any other child.  To this day I still I freak out even if it is for a split second.  Fun fact: every time I am home alone I have all the blinds closed, windows closed and locked, all the lights are on, the front door is locked at all times, and when I go to the bathroom I check behind the shower curtain to make sure there isn’t a serial killer waiting behind it.  I don’t know whether if you can call me a baby, paranoid, or just a dork.  I guess that is up to you to decide haha!  Hopefully I’m not the only one who does that. Fingers are crossed and my toes too!


6. I am a HUGE planner. If you were to step into my apartment you’d count about 6 different planners (all for different purposes). I love to plan and to always be organized. My grandparents always taught me that, “proper preparation prevents poor performance”. That quote was engrained in me since I was a child and I choose to carry it with me always. I loved being taught this lesson because it has prepared me for life even with all the obstacles.



7. I am also a HUGE clean freak.  I’m constantly always cleaning or redecorating our apartment home or just anything that is out of place or bothering me haha!!  I can’t stand any kind of dirt or a mess.  I’m always rearranging Luke’s toys and putting them in the proper spot all the time. He’s like a little kid at times, but I love it.  It gives me something fun to do in the home.  Gianni my partner, is your typical guy and I mean that ever so lovingly haha, but I think it is safe to say that he is quite happy that I have an OCD when it comes to cleaning.  I try my hardest to have him always come home to a clean home ever since we moved in together about three years ago.  I’m not implying that he doesn’t help around the house because he does, but I also like to keep our apartment decorated a certain way and style which kind of leads on to my next thing about me.


8. I wasn’t your typical child and teen who watched cartoons, Nickelodeon or Disney channel.  Instead, I was either constantly practicing sports, training, or playing games throughout the week and weekend. We even traveled to play in softball tournaments from the age of 9 to about 15 years old. So, you can say I didn’t have much time to watch TV, but when I did I watched HGTV which is a home and garden tv channel, Project Runway or Food Channel. I’ve always had an interest in interior design and fashion. Do you remember getting asked the question, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” when you were a child. If you were to ask 10-year-old Aimee’ at that time, I would have stated an interior decorator and social worker. I wanted to do both! I even showed an expressed interest into the college called Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising also known as FIDM in San Francisco, California. I even took an interior design class in high school and created my very own portfolio. I wonder if I still have it? I’m sure I do (I keep about every memento which is kind of a problem I have haha) I just need to search through some things. However, after this life altering event in my life, some part of me wished I pursued my childhood passion of becoming an interior decorator too.

9.  I did track and field my sophomore year of high school. It was my first time ever playing this sport and competing in shot-put, discus, and I even tried triple jump. I always loved to run especially long distance. The reason why I did track and field was because my younger brother who was a freshman at the time and was diagnosed with autism wanted to tryout for long distance running (one of the many things we have in common haha) and he was beyond terrified and nervous, so I thought I’d try out with it him to help him out and watch over him while they went on competitions. The school we attended track and field team was quite large, traveled frequently, and competed a lot. They were a ranked track and field team, so I definitely wanted  to make sure my little brother was safe and I’m not saying our school team wasn’t, but I just wanted to keep a close eye on him and also watch him while cheering him on from the sidelines. Honestly, it was one of the best decisions I made! Even though I had to give up softball for a year it was well worth it!Watching that smile appear across his face once he hit touched the finish line was the best feeling in the world! Seeing him compete and run was so inspiring, brave, and courageous! He definitely taught me so much! My younger brother was diagnosed with autism and also had a foot disease as a child, so him being able to run especially long distance was miraculous and beyond inspiring. For the first few years of his life  he had to wear a foot brace and had difficulty walking and doing activities other children would do. It was very discouraging for him at times, but he pushed through this and the pain and was able to achieve something no one thought was possible. I couldn’t be more grateful to have experienced and watched him compete with other students in our Northern California region. One of the best things I will forever cherish and never forget. I’ll definitely have to scrounge through some old photos and try to find a picture of my brother and I in our track uniforms to show everyone! Hopefully I can find one!

10.  I think it would be fun to open a cupcake bakery some day later on in the future. I love to bake and feel like my most self when I’m in the kitchen. I’ve always been in the kitchen helping and cooking since I was a kid. I like being able to make people smile and be happy and I thought food was a way to do that haha! I loved baking cookies and sweets and delivering them to a nursing home around Christmas time. I loved being able to see people smile. Another picture I am going to have to try to search through and find to show you all. 

11. I ALWAYS had bangs throughout my childhood and adolescent childhood. It took me a year to grow my bangs out. I didn’t decide to do that until I was in the eighth grade. The reason why was so I can get side bangs as well as to get an A-Line haircut and hot pink highlights to match my eighth grade graduation dress.  I definitely need to try to find a better to picture to show you all! I am also currently debating on whether or not I should get bangs again. What do you all think? Let me know before I decide to just go for it and then possibly end up regretting it haha!

12. I have this weird OCD or problem with everything and I mean EVERYTHING being an even number. I’m talking about the television volume, music volume, cookies, candy pieces, and pretty much any thing you can count always always always has to be an even number. I count everything in pairs. I just don’t like anything being left out even if it is just by one difference. I know it may sound a bit ridiculous, but I definitely do feel bad. I even count my goldfish crackers, grapes, and anything else that is countable haha! I think the big reason behind my OCD problem with even numbers might have to do with the fact that I was a middle child growing up and being the odd person in the family was always quite difficult and a struggle, so I hate being left out, odd numbers, and leaving others out too. Being a middle child growing up has definitely ensured me that I want an even amount of children once I have my own family. I know I may be weird, but I hope there are other people out there who are obsessed with even numbers just as much as me. 






My First Home 🏡

You will be missed 🏡😭💛💛

All About Me: 😁🌻🌻💛💛

So, there you have it! These are a few things about me that you probably didn’t know. I hope you enjoyed reading them and found them to be personal, interesting, and fun. I wanted to share a bit more about myself because you all share your lives with me day in and day out. I couldn’t be more grateful and love getting to know more about each and everyone of you.  So, I thought I could return the favor by sharing a few more things about myself.  I hope you all felt that you got to know me a bit more.  I would love to be able to make connections with others who either have experienced the same things or have the same common interests as me.  I love being able to make connections and hear everyone’s stories.  They are so inspiring and definitely brighten my day!  Also, if you have any questions for the next Part 3 ‘About Me’ then definitely leave your question below in the comment section.  I’d love to answer your questions and can’t wait to see what kind of questions you may have for me.  Thank you all so so so so much for being apart of my journey, following my journey, being absolutely amazing, and beyond supportive of me!  I couldn’t do this without anyone of you!  Lots of love for you all!  I hope you have a wonderful rest of your Saturday night and I hope your weekend treats you great!  Let’s starts this new month and week off great everyone!! Stay tuned for my Vlog Video coming out this week!! 😁🌻🌻💛💛